Kundalini yoga on zoom

September 2021

Tuesdays 17.30-19.00 UTC+3 (in English)

Thursdays 17.30-19.00 UTC+3 (in Finnish)

Once you have made payment for the class, you will be sent an email with the link to the zoom class. The email will also contain a pdf document where you can read more detailed instructions. The class will take place live.

If the payment links below don’t work for you, you can also send your payment through Paypal to paypal.me/hanabolenhoitola

What is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is a practice that integrates:

  • Postures                        (asana)
  • Breathing techniques    (pranayama)
  • Meditation                       (dhyana)
  • Song and vibration         (mantra)

Prepare for your kundalini yoga class

Due to the corona virus restrictions, all Kundalini Yoga classes that we offer are on zoom. Choose your own quiet spot for your practice in your home, and prepare the following:

  • Computer or phone with zoom application
  • Yoga mat
  • A pillow that you can sit on
  • A blanket for the deep relaxation
  • Loose clothing (preferably white or light)
  • A beanie or scarf (to prevent headaches during long meditation)
  • A water bottle