Kundalini yoga courses

Anatomy & Kundalini yoga (23.02.2021-20.4.2021)

The kundalini yoga course consists of nine Tuesday evenings 17.30-19.00 UTC+2.

Every class consists of a kundalini yoga kriya + relaxation + meditation. Read more about kundalini yoga here.

The body is our temple. It is our greatest instrument of spiritual realization. Our body’s anatomy is exquisitely designed to live in a state of balance. Yet, our modern lifestyle creates stresses that interrupt communication flows between the body’s anatomical structures. A yogi is aware of anatomy, but does not stop there. A yogi is also the way subtle energies move through the body. She seeks awareness of anatomy, in order to achieve greater balance of the total system. Kundalini yoga Kriyas work on the total being: mental, physical and spiritual.

Welcome to a new 9 week kundalini yoga course focused on anatomy. Each week, we will fine-tune our awareness of the body’s anatomical systems, including the circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, musculoskeletal, spinal, immune and genito-urinary systems. 

Ten bodies kundalini yoga course for beginners (14.6-16.7.2021)

On Tuesday and Friday from 17.30-19.00 at Hanabölen Hoitola, Vantaa. The class takes place outside on the grass. There will also be a zoom link to join remotely.